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Wingehaven Sunrise
WWTA Photo Contest First Prize Winner
Wingehaven Sunrise by Robert J. Livingston

• Gear! Food! Conversation! Annual Meeting! Open House! October 29th!
• Paddle the Lakes-To-Locks Water Trail to the Cascadia Marine Trail!
• Inspired Images: WWTA Photo Contest Winners
• Newly Opened Tapteal Water Trail!
• Thank You to our Donors and Members!

Gear! Food! Conversation! Annual Meeting! Open House! October 29th!

Bring your gently-used outdoor gear and come on down to WWTA headquarters at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford, Seattle, to celebrate water trails and outdoor recreation!

On Tuesday, October 29th, our doors will open at 6:00PM. This is a great opportunity to gather up all those dusty items you haven’t used in a while and give them new life.


1. Bring your gently-used outdoor gear (backpacks, paddling jackets, dry bags, stoves, filtration systems, paddles, etc…) to the WWTA table. You will receive at least one Swap Coupon for each item donated (higher value items may both receive and cost 2-3 coupons). Coupons can be swapped for other items at the WWTA tables.

2. Volunteer for a 3 hour shift (5p-8p or 6:30p-9:30p) to help keep things organized, and earn a Swap Coupon!

3. Bring your high-value items as well (boats! carbon fiber paddles!). You can sell them yourself at the For Sale table (we just ask for a donation of 15% at the end of the night), or donate them to WWTA outright (tax deductible), and we will sell them for you.

4. If you don’t have any items to swap and don’t want to volunteer, just bring yourself and your wallet. Items at the WWTA Swap tables can be purchased at garage-sale prices after 7:30, as well as items at the individual and WWTA For Sale tables any time.

5. This event is FREE to members of WWTA. We ask non-members to pay a $10 entry fee (or join and the fee will be waived!). Everyone can join or renew at a $5 discount.

When you’re done swapping your gear, enjoy conversations with fellow water trail enthusiasts, join WWTA or renew your membership (at a $5 discount!), and learn about all the fun things going on with the Cascadia Marine Trail, Lakes-to-Locks Trail, and Willapa Bay Trail.

Take some time to chat with Executive Director Morgan Scherer about your ideas and hear hers, meet some dedicated WWTA board members (and learn about what it takes to be one!), and generally have a good time while supporting WWTA.

Bring your friends! We will provide camping-style snacks, and wine and beer by donation. Bring your own camping-food masterpiece to share, and receive a free wine/beer coupon.

And as a thank you for your support of WWTA, we are offering a door prize of a personal forward kayak stroke technique clinic with Morgan Scherer, WWTA’s Executive Director. Morgan, trained by Dan Henderson of Cascade Canoe and Kayak Centers, is a two-time Pan American sprint racing champion and forward stroke specialist. Please mail Morgan@wwta.org for more information.

At 8pm we will give you an update on WWTA’s accomplishments in the past year, and plans for next year. Our financials and budget will also be available for perusal and questions. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of the organization.

Where: The Good Shepherd Center in the Wallingford Neighborhood of Seattle
Street Address: 4649 Sunnyside Avenue N., Room #202
When: Tuesday, October 29th – Doors Open at 6:00PM
RSVP: https://wwtagearswap.eventbrite.com or wwta@wwta.org

Paddle the Lakes-To-Locks Water Trail to the Cascadia Marine Trail!

Or the other way around! Check out Lakes-To-Locks Water Trail maps posted on our website!

The Lakes-To-Locks water trail stretches from Lake Sammamish, north along the Sammamish River, around Lake Washington, through the Montlake Cut to Lake Union, and then on westward to the The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. The Locks, built in 1911 and often nicknamed the Ballard Locks, provide a link between the fresh water of the Ship Canal with the salt water inland sea of Puget Sound and is one way to reach the Cascadia Marine Trail from non-coastal areas of King County.


Lakes to Locks Water Trail is a day-use trail with over 120 shoreline access points, an urban blue trail providing public access to increasingly developing shorelines. Take a look at the interactive online maps and explore a little. Better yet use these maps to plan getaways, discovering hidden coves and enjoy miles of open water fringed by a variety of natural areas, suburban neighborhoods, and urban industries.

Inspired Images: WWTA Photo Contest Winners

This photo contest came about through the idea of an Intern working with WWTA, Yumi Sato. We want to thank Yumi for her input and ideas. New to the idea of water trails, Yumi’s goal was to give people the opportunity to highlight personal feelings about our waterways, with an emphasis on answering “how important it is to you to be able to access public waterways in Washington.”

Everyone who posted photos did a wonderful job! We thank each and every one for sharing a glimpse of their sentiments about paddling through their images:

First Prize Winner – Wingehaven Sunrise by Robert J. Livingston is pictured in masthead above. And here is Blake Island Starfish, a second image submitted by Robert!
Blake Island Starfish - Robert J. Livingston

Second Prize Winner – Anita Paddling Balch Pass Near Eagle Island
submitted by Norval Goe
Anita Paddling Balch Pass near Eagle Island - Norval Goe

Third Prize Winner – Reflections
submitted by Macker Ishere
Reflections - Macker Ishere

Fourth Prize Winner – Saddlebag Island
submitted by Kaj Bune
Saddlebag Island - Kaj Bune

Winners were determined through online voting with “Likes” and because each photographer posted more than one image, WWTA staff and board determined that each photographer deserves a prize.

WWTA thanks the Northwest Outdoor Center for their gifts of kayaking fun on Lake Union, and The Waterfront Activities Center at the University of Washington for offering a choice of a canoe or rowboat experience!

And we especially thank our photographers for these inspiring photos! See the Photo Contest Facebook page.

Newly Opened Tapteal Water Trail!

“The new Tapteal Water Trail is the scenic water component along the Tapteal Greenway, the 35-mile corridor along the Yakima River, extending from Kiona Bend at Benton City, Wash., to the river at Bateman Island in Richland.” (from an article published October 17, 2013, at Oregonlive.com)

The Tapteal Water Trail (TWT) is intended to mirror the land side Tapteal Greenway Trail (TGT) through the lower Yakima River, beginning and ending at almost exactly the same locations. While the landward TGT will “begin” at Bateman Island and count mileage going upstream on its way to Benton City, the TWT will begin at Benton City Landing near the Conoco station in Benton City and count downstream before ending at Bateman Island, a distance of slightly over 30 miles. This project is funded by a generous grant from REI.

There at 12 sites on this water trail to take out or put in. Six of the sites have large poster size maps and brochures to guide you down/up the river. There are also ALERT signs on the riverbank giving you a heads up of upcoming launch sites. A 300 yard portage takes you around the Wanawish dam. Camping is available at the 11 mile site in Horn Rapids Park. And, six of the sites have bike racks for those who want to shuttle using their bikes. Link here for more information on the Tapteal Water Trail website!

Thank You to our Donors and Members! We are most grateful to all the many people and organizations who contribute to Washington Water Trails Association. Your continued commitment makes our work possible!

Exped LLC
Barbara Force
Jack Force
Eric Stover
Larry Tjoelker
Roschele Wagoner
Scott Weaver

New and Renewing Members
Agua Verde Paddle Club
Back of Beyond Outfitters
Paddle Trails Canoe Club
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Roschele Wagoner
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Mike Westermann
Jennifer Wilhelm
Kevin Wilhelm
William Winter
Betsy Wong
Jane Younge

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